7 tips for saving money for car rental

Hiring cars is not as expensive as you imagine, and sometimes you can work with car rental systems to get the best deal without compromising on the service you have received.

Car rental companies have very complex operations and fees to consider when charging the rent, so if you know what they are and how to avoid them, you can get a rental car very similar to this one you want at a much lower price.

Follow these simple tips and use as many of them as you still get the rent you need and you should be able to save a lot of money for your next rental car.

– Car hire at the airport

Car hire companies have to pay what is called the "Airport Concession Fee" for all cars they hire from their airports. This is basically a charge made from the airport to the rental company, which allows them to rent cars from the airport. Apparently, hiring companies transfer this to their customers, so if there is a rental area near the airport you can use, you could save money by booking there.

– Book the Most Popular Car Group

Car Hire Companies need to manage a complex storage system to make sure they have the right cars in the right place at the right time. The more popular the group of cars, the harder it is to maintain their stocks. Normally, if you do not have the car you have booked, they will give you a free upgrade. This is because the larger, more expensive cars are not booked, the smaller the cheaper the cars. If you book the smallest car that is acceptable to you, there is always a good chance of getting a free upgrade if you pick it up in a hurry.

– Book it well in Advance

As it is much easier to predict how many cars they need if they have taken all the advance reservations, car hire companies will often have their cheapest rates charged for prices much earlier, so reserve your car as soon as you know your travel dates and save more.

Always get a discount code

Besides during the peak periods (Christmas, Easter and summer height) you should always have some kind of discount, although you may have to chase a little find it. Always check the terms of the offer so often, although the offer might say it is available for the weekend rental, but you can still use the bid for other times. It's worth looking a little to find it.

– Watch your collection and return time

Another trick to watch out for is that most rental companies charge daily fees. This means that if you pick up a car at 10am and take it back at 11am the next day, you will receive a rental fee of 2 days. Whenever possible, try to make sure that the return time is always the same, or preferably just before the collection time. This way you will never be charged for the extra day.

– Wherever possible, reserve when they have too many cars

If your travel plans are reasonably open, try and book when you have too many cars and you can make a bargain. Book right after Christmas and you can find that all the cars that have just been returned are very cheap to book. In a car rental car that was sitting in their parking lot is a huge price and they prefer to leave you a lot cheaper than just sitting there.

– Always ask for more

The only golden rule to keep in mind is always to ask for more, the worst they can do is to say no. When you get to the stand, always ask if there are any free improvements. Often this request may be all you have to remember that they can not move that big Mercedes on the back, and if you own it, they will no longer worry about it!

Each of these tips should save you some money the next time you rent a car. If you can combine all 7 of them into one rental, you will be amazed at how little you have to pay to drive a very nice car for your rental!

Source by John Abrahams