What you need to know about the Danube and the Rhine

Cruising rivers is increasing popularity as travelers recognize the value and convenience of these vacations. Unpack only once at the beginning of your trip and settle down to enjoy a cruise on the cruising waterway. Ships often stop at ports close to city centers, so you can easily reach sights and activities. The amount you prepay includes food, night entertainment and often some shore excursions.

Enter the topic; here are two waterfronts that you can explore with a cruise: the Danube and the Rhine.

Originating from the Rheinwaldhorn Glacier in the Swiss Alps, the Rhine passes north through the Gulf of Germany and empties into the North Sea in the Netherlands. Some of Europe's most impressive nature is on the 820-mile route, including many fabulous castles, historically old world towns and well-preserved medieval villages. Raining the Rhine often begins or ends in Basel, Switzerland, where you can catch the beauty of the Rhine and the city from the Watstein Bridge. Several Rhine routes call the German town of Mainz, the birthplace of the printing pioneer Johannes Gutenberg. The pedestrian tour usually includes the Gutenberg Museum. Besides, Creuse Rhine Rei is heading for the journey of several amazing and fascinating routes.

While spring autumn is the most popular season for the River Rhine, the beaches from the end of November to December have a festive sensation as they visit the famous Christmas markets in the region.

On the Danube River

The flow of the Black Forest from Germany to the Black Sea through a large delta in Romania and Ukraine, the Danube has been the vital force of Europe for centuries. The river, the second largest in Europe, serves as a center for communication, trade and transport. The Danube paths offer the ideal way to experience some of Europe's most beautiful destinations and attractions as well as cultural heritage and century-old architecture. Passengers are located in valleys lined with vineyards and magnificently preserved medieval cities in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia and Romania.

Most cruises stop in Nuremberg, Germany, where accents include the Palace of Justice, Nuremberg Castle, and the Christmas market in Nuremberg in late November and December. The Danube season is between July and November. Routes are available from different tour operators and river cruise companies.

Cruise is the best way to relax your mind and body and get more relaxation book for a place that attracts your attention, making your trip unforgettable.

Source by Lola Vassiliadis