Holiday in India

Holiday in India will hurriedly add some life memories to your memorabilia. The country never disappoints tourists, as there is something for every visitor. Visitors can enjoy several theme holidays in India, at their choice and taste.

Types of vacation in India


India is a paradise for adventures lurking. The typical topography of the country offers a wide opportunity for visitors to indulge in exciting adventures. High mountains from Himalayan regions such as Ladakh, Hiachal Pradesh, Garval, Nilgiris are the best place to spend trekking. Enjoy skiing, snowboarding, skating in Kufri, Auli and Gulmarg. Indulge in aero sports in Rajasthan, Niljiris, Maharashtra, Uttaranal and Himachal Pradesh during your vacation in India. Glue your heart by enjoying the mountaineering in Sikkim, Ladakh, Manali and Garval. The discovery of exotic species of wildlife in the wildlife sanctuaries of India is truly enchanting.

Desert Safari

Excite yourself during your holiday in India by enjoying a camel safari. Studying the golden deserts of Rajasthan and visiting the magnificent ruins, fortresses and palaces is really exciting and enjoyable. Sitting on the back of the desert ship is an extraordinary experience that attracts every visitor. At night enjoy a comfortable stay in desert camps while enjoying delicious Rajastani dishes and enjoying folk dance and music

Tribal Tours

Interacting with Indian tribal is a wonderful experience you've ever had in your life. They live in dense forests of Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Jharkand and parts of northeast India. Disadvantages of modernization, tribes in India have their own customs and traditions. Their costumes are very attractive and colorful. Discover the diverse tribes in India, guess their lifestyle, eating habits and activities.

Wildlife planning in India to cope with exotic fauna and avian species. Wildlife in India provides shelter to countless species of wildlife such as elephant, leopard, tigers, lion, gaur, hyena, jungle cat and many others. Spend your holiday by visiting popular natural landmarks such as Kanha National, Kazirmanka National Park, Ranhamboro National Park, Sundarbans, Jim Corbett National Park, Bandidhur National Park, Panna National Park and many more

a delicious variety of Indian cuisines. Enjoy the exotic flavors of Indian cuisine, which eat six different flavors – bitter, spicy, salty, sweet, tightening and sour. The traditional kitchens of each country have their different tastes and cooking styles.

Source by Manisha Chopra