Benefit from your holiday home

My ideas are based on the fact that your guests are given the best opportunity to take a vacation and in return receive the highest return (both financially and emotionally). I believe that if you treat your guests (tenants) with respect and make them feel special, in the same way that you would treat your own family and friends, your holiday property will be treated with equal respect and any potential damage be minimized, this will help with multiple tenants and excellent referrals for your home.

Renting a holiday home is different from renting a year-round unit: In most cases, the owner may earn more income with less potential damage than a short-term holiday rental than an annual rent. For example, if you applied $ 1,000 a month to a monthly rental with an annual contract, you would earn $ 12,000 at the end of the year. However, if you rent your holiday home on a weekly basis for $ 1,000 as a holiday rent, your potential gross income could be $ 52,000 at the end of the year. Of course, this will depend on the location of your property. Can it be used all year round as a holiday rental or seasonal? Is it a popular place? What attractions are nearby?

Features: My basic rule: Any benefit you would expect when you are on holiday is what your guest (tenant) would also expect. The more you provide, the more your rent will be different from the others. Your guests will remember all the extras you have provided. And the more you give, the more you can charge and the less you will have to bring your guests with yourself. I always suggest to provide towels, bed linen, toiletries, cleaning (at your own expense) a washing machine / dryer, barbecue, sun loungers and cleaning products. Some owners think tenants will "take home" extra items, but that never happened to me.

What else to provide: Some owners leave a bottle of wine or a basket full of treats plus sightseeing brochures around and always include a welcome book with a list of instructions on how to use everything in your home and include rental policies.

Real Estate or Rentals? This is a strict personal preference. If someone uses a real estate agency, I would suggest you refer to them and follow them. I would choose a company that has existed for many years. Be sure to get a full description of their duties and fees and how they deal with emergencies. Find out who will meet your guests on arrival and who will take care of cleaning the house. if they provide cleaning is an additional fee or included in the initial charges. You really need to have clarity about who cares about this and how much the fee will be for each item. However, managing your own holiday rental is not that difficult if you have a system.

What to charge: There are ways to fix these charges. Comparing rents for your area and what you offer will help you determine what you need to charge. Do not forget to include additional costs, ie. cleaning the appliance and consumables.

Challenges in renting away from? Find the right person to check your property and decide who will clean your apartment. How can you access this problem? If you have a plumber, an electrician, or a support person you trust, you may want to ask them whether to regularly check your holiday properties. Ask what their fee is and find out if they could include a maintenance fee. And if they are also available for emergency calls.

Hiring a cleaning person: You can use a local cleaning service or ask a neighbor you trust if they would be interested in doing it for you as a business opportunity for them. Ask other owners who use it. Always get referrals and check them out.

Potential problems and how to avoid them: Most homeowners are concerned about potential damage in their second home. But, if you take the necessary precautions and careful planning, you can avoid most of these problems.