Switzerland – a place to travel

Do you have the mood to travel to a country with dramatic landscapes? How about French, German or Italian, who are fascinating with unique cultures? Alternatively, you just want to walk along breathing paths. On the other hand, pamper yourself in the lap of luxury. Today we will talk about Switzerland. When you are in Switzerland, you can choose one of these wonderful offers. Geography

Borders to the north with Germany, to the west with France, to the south with Italy, and to the east with Austria and Liechtenstein, Switzerland is a country with strong traditions of political and military neutrality. But do not let Switzerland mislead you. The country is by no means scented.

As a landlocked country, Switzerland is renamed to its mountains. To the south are the majestic snowy Alps, and to the northwest is the magnificent Jura. Besides the mountains, Switzerland also has a central plateau, consisting of plains, large lakes and hills.


Switzerland has four official languages, German, French, Italian, and the little-known Romance who is a close relative in Latin. So no, there is no such thing as Swiss language. You can do better with English as most Swiss speak it. However, it is always best to learn at least one of the languages ​​spoken by locals. In this case, the German is your best bet. Many schools and institutions offer courses in German as well as other languages ​​in the world.

Getting there

Three major airports serve international flights. They are found in Geneva, Zurich and Basel. You can also get there in one of the smaller airports in Bern and Lugano. Switzerland Flagcarrier is called SWISS, a member of Star Alliance and the successor of the famous Swissair.

Another way to enter Switzerland is by rail. Trains are extremely common and come from all over Europe. As one of the two most centrally located countries in Europe (Germany is the other), Switzerland is the center of railways and highways to the rest of Europe.


Switzerland has one of the best shipments in the world. Their trains are fast and always fast. Their buses are clean. In addition, they have almost half a dozen different types of transport systems that pass through the mountains.

Keep in mind that while many bus routes go through the picturesque Alps, there is no network of coaches. Additionally, you also have a variety of discount options, such as half-way cards, multi-purpose tickets and multi-day cards.

In general, there is at least one train or bus on each route every hour. In fact, there are routes that buses and trains run every 30 minutes. So you really will not have the problem of moving around in Switzerland.