The best holiday places in Malaysia

We all need a break from life on occasion; what better way to do this than touring the best holiday places in Malaysia?

When planning holidays, most of us usually do not look farther than the general tourist spots in Europe. If you really want to experience the best in the holiday, think of Malaysia, the land of the most magnificent beaches and natural beauty! We've picked some of the best places that will surely provide a relaxing experience that you will unfortunately soon forget.

Taman Negara – Ancient Tropical Forest
The natural beauty that houses manage to fascinate tourists as soon as they step into the ground. One of Malaysia's most important attractions is Taman Negara, literally translated as " National Park & ​​quot; One of the oldest forests in the world, Taman Negara visits visitors from all over the world. The forest itself is a sight; add to the mixture the fact that it is a haven for many endangered animal species. There are elephants, leopards, deer and even rhinoceros, which makes tropical forests even more exciting for tourists.
Langkavi – The Archipelago of 99 Islands
It is often advertised as the best place for a relaxing holiday in Malaysia. The place is the most popular tourist spot in the country because of its interesting formation. All islands are lined with white sandy beaches, the interior covered with thick forest and rocky mountain peaks. Langkawi is obliged to rest at first glance!

The Caves of Mulu
The incredible Mulu Caves are situated in a mountainous tropical forest and are an ideal place for adventure enthusiasts. In Mulu Cave there are caves of incredible size and enchanting beauty that guarantee their inclusion in every list of the best places for a relaxing holiday in Malaysia. Saravak's camera in one of the underground caves requires special attention due to its importance to be the largest cave chamber in the world! The camera is so huge that it can easily take 40 jumbo jets in full size without even the wings overlapping. Be sure to include Mulu caves in your list of places to visit while relaxing in Malaysia.
Kek Lok Si – The Temple of the Supreme Bliss
Besides the natural landmarks of Malaysia, the country includes places of enormous cultural and religious significance. The main cultural attraction in Penang is the revered Buddhist temple of Keck Locke, the largest Buddhist temple in South Asia. While the temple is a popular refuge for monks who seek immortality, its beauty and spiritual appeal are aimed at hordes of tourists every year. If the temple attracts your curiosity, do not forget to visit it during the Chinese New Year holidays as the temple is decorated with thousands of colorful lanterns during this time.

Ending your list of some of the best places for a relaxing holiday in Malaysia, be sure to visit the country if you are planning a holiday.