Around Your Kauai Vacation

Planning a vacation in Kauai probably excites you to see all the amazing beaches and natural landmarks, but you are probably curious how you will be moving if you have to rent a car or a taxi or if there is another option for you. In principle, if you really care to see Kauai, all you have to do is to rent a car on your schedule and the way you want it. Of course, if you do not plan to do many trips, a taxi is also an option. However, great trips is really the best way to see Kauai and this option means you have to rent a car.

Fortunately, renting a car in Kauai is extremely affordable, especially compared to the rest of the country. In 2003, the average daily rental price for a car in Coway was $ 41 while the average for the rest of the country was about $ 54. So you would save a lot of money by renting a car in Kauai. In addition, you can rent a car for about a week for about $ 180, which is probably less than you would have spent on different taxes and other transit options, while in Kauai not only is a good deal but you also have control over where and when traveling.

There is a lot of competition between car rental companies in Kauai, so if you have preferences, you will probably find your favorite car rental company. Some of the larger companies include Avis, Budget, Dollar, Thrifty, Hertz, National, and others. All these car rental sites have websites where you can check and make reservations as well as manage your account. Remember, however, that car rental companies sell very easily, so if you know you want to rent a car for your holiday in Kauai, then you have to do so before leaving your home, making sure you have convenient confirmation anytime.

Once you arrive at Lijui Airport and pick up your luggage, then it's time to head to your rental car. This is very convenient because car rental cars are located at the airport, but then the van will take you to a rental car. Then Kauai is yours to explore and enjoy the length of your vacation. Keep in mind, however, that Hawaii is a state without guilt. This means that if you have a car crash in Hawaii you have to pay the damages before you leave the state. While your insurance can offer some cover in this situation, you probably want to save your headache and drama from a car accident without proper insurance and simply buy insurance from the agency. This costs an extra charge per day, but your confidence and the car is covered in the event of an accident or even theft is certainly worth it and will allow you to enjoy your vacation. Remember also when you rent a car and navigate around the island to keep in mind that driving in Kauai is not like driving in New York or elsewhere in the continent. Kauai is an island as a small community and people honor others while driving and everything is connected in a more relaxed way and with respect. As a result, when taking the wheel at a rental car in Kauai, do not forget to drive slowly and enjoy the island, flora and fauna, and all the beautiful sights you will encounter just by driving. The last thing you want to do is stir up riots while driving around the island. Respect the other Kauai drivers and they will respect you.

This question of respect also comes into play as you approach one of the many bridges that are all around Kauai. These bridges have their own label management rules. If you are the first car to approach one direction, then you are entitled to a road and the car from the other end will wait patiently to cross. But if you approach the bridge and a car is coming in the other direction but closer than you, then you have to stop and wait for them to cross. The same applies to the situation of long rows of cars moving in one direction with other cars waiting at the other end. If you approach 6-9 cars passing at a time and you notice that other cars are waiting at the other end, then it is right not to join the train of passing cars and stop and wait for cars at the other end. After all, you are not in a hurry because you just enjoy the island.

Another important driving tip that should always be considered, especially if you hire a car in Kauai, is always to keep your belt attached no matter where you are in the car. The Hawaiian law requires all passengers to get stuck, and although you are a tourist, you can still get a ticket. Do not put yourself in this situation and simply grab and enjoy driving.
While traveling to Kauai for your vacation and wanting to use it as much as possible, you should also keep in mind the laws of driving the island and all the rules set by the car rental company. The last thing you want to do is to complicate your vacation, so just follow the rules and enjoy Kauai, the oldest and most beautiful Hawaiian island.