Marketing of holiday properties – internet and social media

The growth of the rental industry is a direct result of the phenomenon on the Internet. It has never been easier to reach potential tenants and advertise vacancies. The trick is knowing where to spend your time and money for maximum effect. Below is an Internet Marketing Primer.

If you do not have a separate holiday rental website, you will miss the boat. Even if you are in the list of a property manager or in a directory that is critical to your network's presence on your property. You can design your own website or pay someone else to put it together. Be sure to use the best possible photos for your website. Paying a professional is a good spending money

I really like websites in the blog format. You can use the blog to write about your property, local events, and place special offers or packages. Search engines look like blogs better than static websites. You will need to register a domain name using relevant keywords and make your site hosted by someone who will send your new site to the search engines. The quick online search will reveal a lot of technically savvy people who are ready to help you.

The next step in internet marketing is social media. Publish your website and blogs to your Facebook profile or, better yet, put a "page" for your property and invite all your friends to "like it." Build your fan base by looking for the profiles of your past guests and inviting them to follow you. Use lessons on Facebook to help you navigate the process.

Take your camcorder and tour your property. It does not matter if the quality at first is a bit rough. A collage of photos with background music and / or voice is all you need. Add it to your YouTube account and consider other related themes (local events, activities, places of interest, etc.). The more videos you create, the better. Make some videos on your website and update them each season or when you add new features.

Now you have original content relevant to your holiday rental, which you can use for internet and social media marketing. Use your blogs as Facebook or Twitter content and add videos and photos to everything (search engines love pictures and videos).

This is a brief overview of a very important topic. I will dive in Internet / social media marketing in future publications. Happy letting!