Safe Health Travel to Tulum and the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

The last 12 months of media coverage related to Mexico would lead many to believe that Mexico as a country is a risky place to visit because of the recent H1N1 (swine flu virus) and drug abduction and shooting stories, targeting mostly a few border cities in the US, Regional events have unfortunately had a negative effect on the local tourism economy, located halfway across the Yucatan Peninsula.

A fair (or unfair) comparison can be made if, when the LA riots broke out after Rodney King's sentence in the United States in 1991, if people around the world had the notion, "don't go to the United States, there's violence and robbery on the streets and the place burns! "I certainly wouldn't visit South Central Los Angeles this week, but I won't end my trip to San Diego.

As a Colorado resident all my life, a full-time resident of the Yucatan Peninsula south of Cancun for nearly 2 years, I can tell you that it's a great place to live and visit. I have never felt “insecure” about myself, my family members or friends I have visited many times. As for the flu here, the virus does not do well in warmer climates and with average temperatures here in the mid-80s, it is a much safer place than most places in the north.

Why visit this amazing area? The biggest reason is that it really is a beautiful and magical place that is changing fast. We can only hope that much of what we love about this place will remain, as the coming years bring about the inevitable changes that open paradise almost always brings. It's a little sad the irony of having places like this shared, knowing that sharing will change the place. So forgive me beautiful places in the world for sharing a little about a place called Tulum.

For those of you who have been to Tulum, Mexico, the mere mention of the place will surely evoke fond memories of the lazy days of the beach and the varied shades of turquoise blue waters. The beaches of Tulum and the warm blue waters are indeed sublime, but there is much more than breathtaking beauty here.

Tulum is kite and Eco Chic resorts such as Ocho Tulum, Playa Azul and OM Tulum resorts, small Maya and Mexican Yucatan hotels and resorts; try Blue Tulum Hotel and Spa for the ultimate in luxury with the highest standards. Tulum is an underwater adventure in the Caribbean Reefs and underground, exploring the largest underground river system in the world, which gathers in wells known as cenotaphs. Tulum is saltwater apartments and deep-sea fishing, kayaking lagoons and growing Mecca; it is predominantly green and natural with 1.3 million decares of low-impact protected Sian Ka wetlands.

It's an international melting pot where you can hear six languages ​​in a day just walking down the street. Tulum also has an increasingly well-deserved reputation for a great variety of excellent restaurants offering great local and international fare in paradise. You will find all kinds of traditional dining options for Mayans and Mexicans, but you will also find many Italian, French, German, Thai, Sushi and more.

Tulum is a short distance away from all the other things that make the Yucatan vacation so fun and comfortable, though perhaps not as adventure activities as golf, world-class shopping and nightclubs, about 30 minutes away in Playa del Carmen.

So yes, Tulum is a unique and great way to make this adventure vacation. There's little of everything you want on a vacation in a tropical destination. For me, this adventure and going out and for others never leave the beach or day or week for shopping or golf.

What people need to know is that Tulum and the rest of Yucatan is a great vacation destination that is safe for both adventure and more seasoned sun seekers. See you in Tulum!