Do angels travel faster than the speed of light?

Can angels travel at the speed of light? Yes, that will be the right answer. Consider that radiation travels at the speed of light. Radiation is energy and we can understand that when it hits our skin and causes sunburn. When light waves travel through space, they are potential energy. When these light waves strike an object, they become kinetic energy and burn the object like our skin. So think about it, angels are a potential energy when moving through space at light speeds or more. But when they get into the atmosphere of a plant, they become kinetic energy, leading to observation from the human or alien eye.

Radiation is like the light we use to see, traveling through space in a vacuum or near a vacuum. It travels at a speed of light that is approximately 186,000 miles per second. However, light and other parts of the spectrum, such as UV radiation, have no mass. So theoretically these forms of energy could travel faster than the speed of light, which is an astounding 300,000 km per second. Light waves traveling at any speed will have no mass and no impulse. Therefore, you will not need the energy to start your movement and accelerate your speed. In fact, receiving radiation to reach 300,000 km per hour would be instant.

We see the vastness of the universe when we look into the night sky. An unlimited number of stars and galaxies are stacked in front of us. Astronomers tell us that the universe is so large that it takes light from the outermost parts to reach us in millions of years. In fact, when describing how far the farthest object from Earth is, the term light year is used. The term light year refers to the light at a distance that can pass in one year. Yet, angels can walk this distance in an instant, there is no time at all, since they can exist outside our universe. God created the universe. God can certainly travel anywhere in our universe in an instant or in no time. The time discussed here is how we think about time.

God and angels are not flesh. When they travel through our universe, they are energy that we understand as potential energy. Yet we are completely unable to understand their energy. It is written in Exodus 33:20 "No one can see me and live." They transcend our carnal existence. They can travel beyond the speed of light and their movement is instantaneous to our movements.

With best wishes