Become a stripper – is it worth the trip?

Every stripper in town will tell you that summer is usually slow. Inevitably, conversations in the locker room then begin to revolve around traveling to another city to work. I'm sure you've heard or participated in one of these conversations:

Barbie: This club is nasty. I'm going to Vegas. I heard that Susie went to Vegas and was doing great every night as she worked.

Brandy: Yes, I also spoke with Susie, but I heard that she made one great one night only and the other two nights barely managed to get her house tax back. Vegas is so overpriced. But I heard that Dallas was the new hot spot, a lot of guys with oil money!

Sapphire: I'll go to Vegas for fun and work a few nights, as long as what I do pays for the trip.

Barbie: I have two children. If I go SOMEONE, I MUST earn more money than here after paying for my hotel and plane ticket.

Brandy: I ​​also read on the internet that there are tons of guys in Alaska and no hot girls, maybe we should go there!

Sapphire: Is there anything else to do in Alaska besides work?

Brandy: I ​​heard about this reservation company that will pay for your hotel and airline ticket, but they send you to places in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes I wonder if it even costs the trip!

Three strippers, three different perspectives. Whether it's worth the price of the trip or not depends entirely on YOU. There are pros and cons to traveling, be sure to weigh them before you pack your bags.

If you're making a profit like Barbie, realize that traveling may not be the best solution. Although Vegas is drawn to hitting the jackpot of a strip club, the clubs are full of girls. Total travel expenses are also increasing compared to hotel and airline tickets; you also need to have money for a taxi or car rental, as well as food / drinks. Las Vegas has the lowest overhead costs from Phoenix. If you book your trip 14 days in advance, you can fly on a two-way trip for $ 120, rent a car for $ 20 a day ($ 170 / week with taxes and insurance), spend the night at a big casino hotel like the Stratosphere for $ 40 a night ($ 250 / week).

If you are frugal and come across a grocery store instead of a 24/7 casino dinner, you can maintain a food / drink budget of $ 20 per day ($ 140). and if you don't want to do math, just trust me …. I was an algebra teacher before I decided to become a Superstripter. If you did the math with me, the total cost for this week's trip is $ 680. Other cities, such as Dallas, are much more expensive.

A plane ticket to Dallas costs $ 250, a standard hotel room in a secure area will cost $ 80 a night ($ 560 a week), and rental cars are over $ 250 a week for economy class. So assuming you stick to a $ 20 / day food / drink budget; your trip to Dallas in a week would cost $ 1,200. For comparison, the main hotel room in Manhattan is $ 150 / night and the two-way taxi fee is at least $ 25 / night. After you include your plane tickets and food, a week at the Big Apple can set you back at least $ 1500 (and I challenge you to spend only $ 20 a day for food and drink in Manhattan!)

If you are a fact finder like Brandy, you may have already searched the Internet for the best information. Free online forums have a treasure trove of knowledge for most clubs in the country. There are also booking agencies that will arrange one-way transportation and accommodation. This is a little different than being a regular house dancer in a big metropolitan area. Unlike Vegas and Phoenix, where you only have to show up whenever you want … once you've signed the contract, you're expected to work every night of the reservation.

If you are free and fantasy free like Sapphire, the world is your oyster! One of the biggest benefits of being a stripper is that you can work ANYTHING HERE! If you are not worried about making MORE money during your travels then you would be at your home club, what are you waiting for? Choose the city you would like to visit, search for strip clubs and go!