Adventure Travel in South Carolina

British adventure traveler Claire believes she can improve her adventure vacation by planning it with the help of someone who has lived at her destination. On previous trips, Claire either collaborated with a local travel company or hired a local tour guide upon arrival. For her trip to South Carolina in the US, she tried something different. Through, she made contact with compatriots living in Charleston, South Carolina.

With their help, she decided to fly for the last week of the Spoleto festival in Charleston, and one of the expatriates she contacted offered to guide her while she was leaving in Charleston. She also suggested that Claire interrupt her trip to survive Chuck City (Charleston) on the front and back ends of her vacation by renting a car to travel up to Peach Carolina, freshly harvested from the orchard.

The Carolinians consider the Spoleto festival to be the start of the tourist season and although many of the events are directly related to the Italian holiday of the same name, the festival means a party and a long one. For the well-chosen Spoleto, Charleston provides opera, Shakespeare plays and gorgeous balls. For Claire, the open-air jazz festival, dirty street dancing and fireworks sparked her interest in entertainment at American pubs. She booked her flights with Aer Lingus after learning that she could find a place in one of their flights, mostly occupied by Spoleto-related spoilers. As she hoped, this group adopted her during the flight, welcoming her to join them to experience so many of the Charleston events she wanted.

Claire got some sleep during the first few days of Spoleto. She enjoyed a lavish dinner before a street party every night, followed by a main event and fireworks. The next day for a grand South American breakfast with lots of coffee, Claire tours the old town of Charleston by car and she travels by boat to Fort Summers in the harbor. Claire was dumbfounded when she could "recharge her batteries," not wanting to miss anything. During the snooze of the boat back from Fort Summer, her sleepy head landed on the shoulder of an officer in the British Navy, who had also traveled to Charleston on Aer Lingus flight.

Galatially he did not wake her until the boat moored. After getting Claire's coffee, he invited her to join him for a tour of a visiting British warship at the Naval Base in Charleston. At lunch aboard the ship with the officers and their wives, Claire mentioned her plan to go get a peach and everyone got into it too! Two days later, they pushed her into a convoy of four cars, while couples of the British Navy took a "staff ride" to the King's mountain battlefield on the upstate to pay their respects to Major Patrick Ferguson and his men. British casualties in the American Revolutionary War.

But for Claire, stopping at a peach orchard in York marked the beginning of her holiday break. There for the first time in her life Claire took a big bite into a dead ripe peach. Incredibly sweet juice exploded in her mouth! She sprayed herself on her cheeks, dripping on her chin and on her dress! Surrounded by cheers and the laughter of her new friends, Claire experiences the moment of signing on her last adventure trip. # TAG1 writer