Instant Astral Travel – Myth or Reality?

Instant astral travel is definitely possible with the help of modern technology. However, if you want to rely on yourself, you have a lot of work to do before you can achieve it.

Many astral projection students complain of falling asleep while doing the regular relaxation, meditation, and focus that they require. Many of them give up precisely because of the tremendous willpower needed to stay awake and conscious when fully released. But, thanks to binaural beats, such students can have an immediate astral journey.

Here's a simple explanation of the binaural beats for those of you who have never heard of them. To understand the work of these beats, you must first understand that everything in the world exists at certain frequencies. Our senses are not sharp enough to select these frequencies. But modern physics has proven the existence of these frequencies beyond a doubt. Our mind, body and consciousness vibrate with different frequencies when we travel astrally.

Binaural beats serve to transform the listener's state of mind and place him in a state of mind conducive to instant astral travel.

You need a headset to listen to binaural beats. When listening to them, you just have to sit back, relax and focus on the beats. Just imagine how wonderful it would be to leave your body. You will soon be in a state of consciousness favorable to astral projection. The result will be an OOBE experience!

While using binaural beats, you should remember that these are just tools that will help you access the astral regions in your astral counterpart. They alone cannot help you get instant astral projection. You need to combine listening to these beats with relaxation and meditation techniques.

To be very righteous, instant astral travel is not a myth. But banish any desire to achieve OOBE immediately on your first attempt. You will only be able to travel from your body immediately after you have acquired a certain level of experience in the art of leaving your body.

Therefore, hard work and practice are the keys to immediate astral travel. Binaural shocks act as catalysts; but even with them you need to have consistency and practice. Astral projection is something that simply cannot be hurried. The best option is to enjoy the astral travel experience, not to be stressed or frustrated because you have failed astral projects despite so many attempts.