Benefit from your holiday home

My ideas are based on the fact that your guests are given the best opportunity to take a vacation and in return receive the highest return (both financially and emotionally). I believe that if you treat your guests (tenants) with respect and make them feel special, in the same way that you would treat your own family and friends, your holiday property will be treated with equal respect and any potential damage be minimized, this will help with multiple tenants and excellent referrals for your home.

Renting a holiday home is different from renting a year-round unit: In most cases, the owner may earn more income with less potential damage than a short-term holiday rental than an annual rent. For example, if you applied $ 1,000 a month to a monthly rental with an annual contract, you would earn $ 12,000 at the end of the year. However, if you rent your holiday home on a weekly basis for $ 1,000 as a holiday rent, your potential gross income could be $ 52,000 at the end of the year. Of course, this will depend on the location of your property. Can it be used all year round as a holiday rental or seasonal? Is it a popular place? What attractions are nearby?

Features: My basic rule: Any benefit you would expect when you are on holiday is what your guest (tenant) would also expect. The more you provide, the more your rent will be different from the others. Your guests will remember all the extras you have provided. And the more you give, the more you can charge and the less you will have to bring your guests with yourself. I always suggest to provide towels, bed linen, toiletries, cleaning (at your own expense) a washing machine / dryer, barbecue, sun loungers and cleaning products. Some owners think tenants will "take home" extra items, but that never happened to me.

What else to provide: Some owners leave a bottle of wine or a basket full of treats plus sightseeing brochures around and always include a welcome book with a list of instructions on how to use everything in your home and include rental policies.

Real Estate or Rentals? This is a strict personal preference. If someone uses a real estate agency, I would suggest you refer to them and follow them. I would choose a company that has existed for many years. Be sure to get a full description of their duties and fees and how they deal with emergencies. Find out who will meet your guests on arrival and who will take care of cleaning the house. if they provide cleaning is an additional fee or included in the initial charges. You really need to have clarity about who cares about this and how much the fee will be for each item. However, managing your own holiday rental is not that difficult if you have a system.

What to charge: There are ways to fix these charges. Comparing rents for your area and what you offer will help you determine what you need to charge. Do not forget to include additional costs, ie. cleaning the appliance and consumables.

Challenges in renting away from? Find the right person to check your property and decide who will clean your apartment. How can you access this problem? If you have a plumber, an electrician, or a support person you trust, you may want to ask them whether to regularly check your holiday properties. Ask what their fee is and find out if they could include a maintenance fee. And if they are also available for emergency calls.

Hiring a cleaning person: You can use a local cleaning service or ask a neighbor you trust if they would be interested in doing it for you as a business opportunity for them. Ask other owners who use it. Always get referrals and check them out.

Potential problems and how to avoid them: Most homeowners are concerned about potential damage in their second home. But, if you take the necessary precautions and careful planning, you can avoid most of these problems.

Find your house in Bulgaria for rent

Are you planning to rent cottages next summer for your holiday? Do you know when and where do you want to go? Do you know how to find the rental house that will provide the best experience for your family? Some of the key considerations are the location, quality of villas and the quality of other facilities – such as the beach and the swimming area.

Location is usually the most important consideration for most people who are considering spending a week or a weekend on a rented villa. Most people usually want to rent a house that is not too far from where they live. Most people are ready to drive a maximum of 4 hours to get to their house for rent. No more than that, and she is becoming a driving vacation, unlike a holiday vacation. If you are planning activities like fishing and boat trips, you will have to make sure that you are considering the place you are considering and whether they have fishing boats or other rental vessels. If you are looking to do some fishing as part of your holiday rental villa, you will need to make sure that the places you are considering are good fishing lakes. you hire. You will want to make sure that the villa you choose has a reputation for quality and cleanliness. Nothing breaks a wonderful summer break as inappropriate living conditions in the houses. It is also worth spending time on the site of each villa resort. Better will have a number of pictures of villas and surroundings. This will help you decide whether it meets your criteria for proximity to the coastline or playground or other important factors. You will also want to find out exactly what is provided by renting a house. Do you have a full size barbecue? Do they provide bait and ice on the spot? Are the villas located near the shoreline, the beach and the dock? Does the size of the resort correspond to your holiday plans? Too big money will always be people who will compete for space on the beach or around the campfire but are too small so there are no neighbors who can communicate with or other children to play with them.

the experience of your villa for rent. Take a close look at the holiday village you are considering. See the satellite maps of the area. Do they have a suitable swimming area for the size of the resort? Do they offer shallow places for children? Do you have extra equipment like slides or trampolines? Do they have a protected area for swimming away from the boat? All these factors will influence your decision which rental villa will best suit your needs.

A great summer vacation and a positive experience of renting houses often provide lasting memories of you and your family. Why do not you make sure you do everything you can to make sure this happens?

Vacation rentals on the beaches of Destin Florida

There is nothing like spending a holiday, watching the soothing waters on the beach. Holiday rentals in Destin Florida offer the perfect combination of beach activities and a comfortable and relaxing environment for you and your family. Destin is one of the most loved family holiday destinations in the United States because of its long white sands and emerald water beaches. Adventure water sports allow you to dive into crystal clear sea water. Destin is the perfect place to make your holiday special. The moderate weather in spring and autumn is the best time to visit Destin.

Of course, many beach and ocean activities are often included in beach holidays. Destin's beaches are rivals all over the world, and Destin offers much more than just beach activities. Playing golf, fishing and shopping are some other things you can do while visiting Destin. You can choose a cruise if you want to spend your time on water without falling into the water. You can choose a cruise that offers beautiful ocean views. These cruises include a variety of sunset cruises, dolphin cruises, dinner cruises and lunch cruises. You can watch dolphins that dive in and out of the water from a very short distance. These cruises also offer many activities such as bird feeding and various thematic activities. In addition to watching dolphins, you can also enjoy great views of various sea birds, fish and other marine creatures. tackling fishing. Typically caught fish include bass, triple tail, marlin, swordfish and red fish. You can also go for a fish meal and try the fish you eat from your hands, just make sure you do it under the supervision of a professional instructor. You can find some of the best dining venues with the fascinating views of the Desine harbor, as well as an exclusive collection of fine wines. A great variety of traditionally prepared seafood is easy to find in Destin. Many restaurants offer delicacies such as fresh seafood, steaks and grilled meals

Holiday rental on the beach is the best way to spend your holiday. You can choose between a variety of apartments, beachfront houses and beachfront villas with spacious rooms for comfort during your trip. These rentals are located very close to many tourist attractions, shops, restaurants and restaurants. You can choose an elegantly furnished apartment with stunning outdoor views, including a swimming pool, tennis court, barbecue and fitness center. These apartments also offer a private beach along the beautiful coastline. Staying in a great place like this is the best way to relax and relax during your break. You can also choose a lovely modern beachfront house with spacious rooms and a private pool just a few meters from the beach. Lovely beach villa with nicely furnished rooms, club house and sunbathing terrace that will make your trip more comfortable. These rentals are fully equipped with a TV and DVD player, wireless internet and external speakers. Destin holiday homes are often the best accommodation option for an unforgettable experience.

Preparation for emergency situations Part II: Lost or stolen items

Developing a plan that will help you not become a victim of petty crime should be an important part of your travel preparation. Although most Caribbean tourists are looking for sunbathing, thinking through a game plan, in case your values ​​are lost or stolen, they will provide you with pleasant memories to pick up at home.

As you travel, you will most likely carry items of some importance and value that are necessary for your journey, such as passports, identification, cash or other forms of payment, and other items that if lost or stolen may be some inconvenience during your trip. There are measures you can take to prevent the theft of valuables. And if your important elements disappear, you can do something for that.

Steps to Prevention

In the Caribbean, pickpockets and petty theft are the most common types of crimes that include tourists. But by following a few simple words of advice, you can avoid becoming statistics by making it difficult for thieves to dodge their values. Consider the following travel tips to keep your property safe while visiting the Caribbean.

First, do not attract unnecessary attention to yourself by flashing large sums of money, or prioritizing jewels while on vacation in the Caribbean. If you can help, try to travel with the least amount of money to prevent you from stealing or losing your money without a trace. Credit Cards & Passengers & # 39; checks are often better options while spending abroad, as these forms of payment can be tracked and easily canceled if necessary. If your credit cards or passengers are " checks are lost or stolen during your vacation, contact your financial institution immediately. You must be able to cancel the missing or stolen credit card and track all purchases made after it has been lost.

Do not leave important items unattended during your holiday. If your hotel room has a safe, use it to collect valuables. Also, if you choose to swim on one of the beautiful beaches of your island or visit public places, including restaurants or casinos, do not leave objects like wallets, purses or other valuable personal belongings unattended because they can easily be picked up without anyone notice. Always be aware of your surroundings and know where your personal belongings, including passports, identification, money and jewelry, are always. Thieves are less likely to sacrifice holidaymakers who seem to be aware of what is happening around them. Passengers not only have to worry about losing or stealing goods that are valuable for money, but they also need to think about what to do if they do, that such important documents as passports, visas, credentials or driver licenses are lost. These items are necessary to carry with you during a trip, but if they are lost or stolen while on holiday, you may encounter unexpected disappointment from your trip. Even if you take preventive measures to keep your papers stolen, you still have the chance to lose them.

If your passport or driving license is lost or stolen while visiting the Caribbean, contact your local police as soon as possible. Also contact the nearest embassy or delegate of your country. Once you understand that your passport, visa or identity document is missing, it is important to notify the appropriate authority as quickly as possible in order to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of identity fraud. Notification of permits is the first step you need to follow when your passport or other important documentation is lost. You must then apply for a replacement. You may not be able to get a new passport instantly while you are in the Caribbean, so you may want to carry several other forms of identity with you on a case-by-case basis.

Although you are not likely to be spoiled while you are in the Caribbean, it is always best to be prepared for the unexpected, rather than being caught unprepared. To learn more about a safe Caribbean trip, visit the Caribbean-Guide Crime for detailed information and useful safety tips.

The Balearic Islands: the ultimate tropical destination

Your children's summer vacations are approaching and you might think of the ideal destination for your family. See this archipelago of Spain – the Balearic Islands, which consists of four major islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. It is well connected to all major cities in the world and Palma de Mallorca Airport, Ibiza Airport and Menorca Airport are some of the airports that you will have to choose to book your tickets.

As it is located in the western Mediterranean, the islands enjoy the tropical sun throughout the year. So read a little about these beautiful skies on the ground before packing your travel bags.

The old city of Ivisa (Ibiza Island)

This city, which is included in the UNESCO list, has a great tourist attraction in the form of Dalt Villa. The history of this architectural delight dates back to the 16th century and this place is located on a hill. This villa has three gates and seven corner bastions, and the current building is the Museum of Contemporary Art.

This medieval walled city is surrounded by Moorish walls and massive fortifications. Catedral of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves, which is often known as the " Cathedral of Our Lady by the snow; was built in the 13th and 14th centuries and was later renovated in the 18th century. Visitors can experience the remnants of Islamic rule and the later Baroque style in the architecture of this building.

Mallorca Island – Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is a beautiful capital of the sea that will allow you to relax and rejuvenate during your holiday. The main sights of this place are the Almudena Palace (which was a Moorish fortress earlier), the Luna Fish, the Major Square, the Cala Major Beach, the Miro Museum and the Playa del Arenal Yacht Club.

So if you are a person who loves water, then this place will give you all the pleasures of water sports like kayaking, swimming, snorkelling, diving, surfing and pedaling.

Explore the beaches of the islands of Formentera and Ibiza

This Mediterranean holiday will give you this wonderful tan you have always wanted. Spend as much time out as possible to explore the beaches such as Pujols Beach, Llevant Beach and Illetes Beach. The virgin and untouched coastline will give you the tranquil and tranquil feeling you have lost in the busy city life.

Walk around the coast while holding your loved hand when the sun is on the horizon and you will feel the warmth of your first love. Go for relaxing spa massages and let the warm oils take out the tension from every pore of the body.

Eat your hearts – enjoy and indulge in the simple joys of life. This holiday will be one of the most memorable ones with your loved ones.

The treasures of the village of Valdemosa

This is another ideal settlement in the region, which has an old fishing village near the port. If you love fresh fish and local cuisine, then do not miss to spend some time here. The village of Valdemosa will give you the perfect combination of the Mediterranean Sea and the surroundings of the mountain ranges. Enjoy the medieval monastery "Carduja de Valdemosa", built in the 14th century.

There are many other attractions on these islands, and once you get there, you can have a flexible route and visit them in your spare time. This place has such a charm that travelers visit them year after year without getting tired of them.

Affordable offers Travel Tips – Ways to find a bargain price for airline tickets, car rental and holiday packages

The internet has made finding affordable travel deals an easy process. Anyone can do this nowadays – no need to hire a travel agent. Whether you are looking for deals on a particular trip or just wanting to wait until a good holiday package appears, before skipping it, you will find all the tools you need on the web.

The best deals usually do not last very long, so you should jump from the ASAP offer. Sometimes the best deals are at the last minute and another time it is recommended to book early in advance. Most experts agree that booking 7 to 8 weeks in advance is ideal.

When you're looking for cheap hotel rooms, keep in mind that you never have to choose the first good deal you see in a city you are not familiar with. While you will want to quickly skip the deals, you still need to spend time exploring hotels and places. If a bargain hotel is not close to all of the city's main attractions, you can pay more for your car or rent a car. Does the hotel you are considering offer the necessary amenities as well as a free breakfast? Is it in close proximity to cheap restaurants?

Sign up for travel discount newsletters and follow the leading social media travel websites so you can keep up with all the travel deals available. If you have not already done so, download some apps on your smartphone to receive alerts. These services are free of charge.

As far as airline tickets are concerned, it is sometimes cheaper to just stop and buy one with the hotel reservation. When airlines and hotels work together, there are often good discounts. However, you may need to fly from a certain airport and stay at the hotel for a minimum number of nights.

If you want to rent a car, choose a car that is within your budget range and is displayed at an office to take it light and early in the morning. If you can beat the crowd, you'll probably get the upgrade option for free!

Another way to save your next trip is to think about holiday rentals. Sometimes it's much cheaper to rent an apartment or apartment for a week instead of staying at a hotel. Tourist discounts already have a section devoted to these rentals. Just make sure it is in a safe part of the city.

There are always affordable deals to travel somewhere – just have to be patient and know where to look!

Online sites are the place to look for all of the above-mentioned travel search tools. Whether you want to go on a nice cruise or a great, exciting city, you can use the site to compare affordable travel offers. Take the time to check out the suggestions for online coupons.

Special holiday vacations

Many tourists believe holiday resorts are ideally suited only for couples. You would be surprised to know how incredibly it may be that it is for family and children. Choosing a holiday holiday that suits your needs is a challenging task, especially because of the infinite variety you will encounter. The most important thing to remember is that your resort can actually determine a lot of your experience at the destination, so it is advisable to choose it very wisely! Here are some of the most spectacular resort vacations, including everything in which you will have the time of your life.

1. Kingsmill Resort & Spa, VA
Whatever the weather, this is an ideal holiday destination. The resort is a complete world with wonderful accommodations and unlimited activities for adults and children. Claiming to be home away from home, Kingsmill's deluxe beachfront accommodation is an incredible experience. From houses to holiday homes, tourists are fascinated by the beauty of the surroundings. For lovers of golf, this is an ideal place for the amazing golf courses nearby. World-class spa centers are worth a try!

2. Club Med Ixtapa Pacific, Mexico
If you are looking for a perfect place to stay with your family in Mexico, do not look anymore. There is no better place to explore the wonders of Mexico. Wonderful gardens and wonderful experiences will make your stay more special. The beautiful beach nearby with a designated swimming area is the perfect holiday spot for your holiday. The resort is home to some wonderful restaurants. He is also very famous for the amazing Flying Trapeze School. For a table-top enthusiast, it's certainly a great experience that you should not miss.

3. The Breakers, FL
You really can really understand what you want to stay in The Breakers as you experience it yourself. This is an ideal place to knot a knot and for couples to spend their honeymoon, as the privacy offered by this luxurious accommodation is like no other. For lovers of the beach, the experiences are endless and much more adventurous. From escape to the sun and tasting the best cuisine you can make your stay a wonderful holiday. The resort offers many recreational activities for all age groups. While there, do not miss the ocean experience.

4. Beach BarceloLangosta Tamarindo, Costa Rica
The most important place to choose this resort is the stunning natural beauty of the nearby and the divine beach where you can spend a lot of quality time. The resort is ideal for couples and surfers, because of the adventures offered in and around the area. The resort's rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art world-class facilities that provide you with a very pleasant stay. It is better to experience the magical sunrise and sunset of Costa Rica!

Holiday in India

Holiday in India will hurriedly add some life memories to your memorabilia. The country never disappoints tourists, as there is something for every visitor. Visitors can enjoy several theme holidays in India, at their choice and taste.

Types of vacation in India


India is a paradise for adventures lurking. The typical topography of the country offers a wide opportunity for visitors to indulge in exciting adventures. High mountains from Himalayan regions such as Ladakh, Hiachal Pradesh, Garval, Nilgiris are the best place to spend trekking. Enjoy skiing, snowboarding, skating in Kufri, Auli and Gulmarg. Indulge in aero sports in Rajasthan, Niljiris, Maharashtra, Uttaranal and Himachal Pradesh during your vacation in India. Glue your heart by enjoying the mountaineering in Sikkim, Ladakh, Manali and Garval. The discovery of exotic species of wildlife in the wildlife sanctuaries of India is truly enchanting.

Desert Safari

Excite yourself during your holiday in India by enjoying a camel safari. Studying the golden deserts of Rajasthan and visiting the magnificent ruins, fortresses and palaces is really exciting and enjoyable. Sitting on the back of the desert ship is an extraordinary experience that attracts every visitor. At night enjoy a comfortable stay in desert camps while enjoying delicious Rajastani dishes and enjoying folk dance and music

Tribal Tours

Interacting with Indian tribal is a wonderful experience you've ever had in your life. They live in dense forests of Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Jharkand and parts of northeast India. Disadvantages of modernization, tribes in India have their own customs and traditions. Their costumes are very attractive and colorful. Discover the diverse tribes in India, guess their lifestyle, eating habits and activities.

Wildlife planning in India to cope with exotic fauna and avian species. Wildlife in India provides shelter to countless species of wildlife such as elephant, leopard, tigers, lion, gaur, hyena, jungle cat and many others. Spend your holiday by visiting popular natural landmarks such as Kanha National, Kazirmanka National Park, Ranhamboro National Park, Sundarbans, Jim Corbett National Park, Bandidhur National Park, Panna National Park and many more

a delicious variety of Indian cuisines. Enjoy the exotic flavors of Indian cuisine, which eat six different flavors – bitter, spicy, salty, sweet, tightening and sour. The traditional kitchens of each country have their different tastes and cooking styles.

Source by Manisha Chopra

Five Top Vacation Rental Tips

While some of us are still packed in winter coats, the early birds begin to plan their holiday vacation reservations. Let's unlock five rental tips that you can use as a guide when looking for your summer dream house.

The time to do your vacation is especially important. Understand the peak seasons in which the ideal holiday places are quickly broken, which often happens during holiday weeks and summer months. If you are planning to go to a place that is known to be a hot spot during the holiday season, you should start planning months and even a year earlier.

Pricing the popular holiday places during holiday seasons or summer months will obviously cost you more. Months like July and August are in high season and you can save at least 30% to 50% if you make bookings for late May and early June. You will also be able to save costs if you wait after the Day of Labor or book a beach holiday in September.

The next thing you can do is be resourceful and avoid renting agents to get a vacation rental for you. Spend your time exploring online, as online rental owners can also benefit by providing photos and a description of renting the property to check out. Since you are able to meet the vacation rentals owner by email, you can save on the phone bills.

Check the vacation vacation owner for facilities that are available before you make an investment. Since kitchen utensils are usually provided, you may want to know other details such as internet access and the presence of a washing machine and dryer. If you are planning to bring pets, check that the rental is suitable for pets.

Protect your investment by paying by credit card. If you find your vacation home unsatisfactory, you can always be protected by a fair invoice. Keep in mind that payment options and cancellation policies are different for holiday home owners than hotel owners. Get details about off-season and peak season policies. Work on a payout schedule to avoid paying a large amount of money at a time.

Source by Francis Murphy

The hotel rooms are nightmares

Since I started working for the Florida holiday website, I've been tortured by repetitive nightmares. I'm chased by night by the spirits of the hotel rooms.

There was a time when I was traveling a lot on the business. Fortunately, hotels are no longer hoping. But at night I sailed in a hotel room away in time …

The day was over, I called home to check the kids. It seemed like there was a shouting match in my absence. It sounded like she won Pandemonium, but Total Bedlam made some noise. "Can you just shut up a minute," I said in the phone.

"Stop," I heard the man in the next room twirled.

I chose to ignore it. "Come on guys, can not you stop fighting for a minute?"

"I'll show you what fighting means," I heard through the wall.

"I can not even think here," I complained in the phone.

"Hey, I've had almost enough of you," shouted the man on the other side of the wall.

Suddenly I was scared a lot. I imagined a heavy, two kilometer two bum, breaking a fist through the wall. I shut the phone and wondered how thin the walls were.

Nothing happened. No fist. No crushed wall. No breasts, six kilometers of two weights.

I decided to go down for relaxing stress. As I closed the door, the man from the next room appeared.

Fortunately he was not lifting weight.

I wanted to ask him why he had called me through the wall while I was trying to discipline my kids when he called, "Hey?"

Suddenly I knew how thin the walls were.

I actually found the hotel walls with two thick walls:

If you're lucky, you get "cut down on your TV". walls. If you are less happy, you get "reduce the brightness of your TV!" walls.

Fortunately, the hotel rooms are impeccably clean. It's true. The sign says so. Only until you look under the mattress to find a copy of 1976 Businessweek magazine and theater tickets for The Music Man in 1982.

I do not know why hotels pretend to be so spotless. All these junk under the bed can be used as a marketing tool. – Stay in Hilton Hilton and join our hunting mattress.

If hotels are not caught, sooner or later, requests will do so. They can turn everything into a sales pitch. For example, "Color Television" (Ooooooohh.). And "Outdoor pool" (I think the "outside" function is a nice added touch, right?) And what about "free parking" (which is really a way to say, "You do not have to park your car in your room." ).

What worries me most about hotels is what they keep in the drawers. Have you ever seen that there is always a bible in the drawer? Why?

When you buy a car, there is no Bible in the glove compartment, although the road is where you most need prayers.

When you dig for the reward at the bottom of the Cracker Jack box, it's never a bible.

Even in hospitals, where prayer can be everything you left, there is no Bible in the drawer.

Only in hotels and in death sentences libraries come as standard equipment.

And why just the Bible? I had enough free time to search for the fertilizer and the Koran in the hotel rooms, and I never found anything. Jews and Muslims do not stay in hotels? What do they know I do not?

Fortunately, I no longer have to go to hotels. I do not have to finish a shadow-puppet theater from a man on the other side of the wall. You do not have to read over his shoulder. I do not worry about what she ate for dinner.

I do not have to listen to his snoring. I can enjoy my own nights in peace.

Source by David Leonhardt